We now have enough space for over 230 people seated in our

garden area and inside our pub and three cabins 

All of our tables outside are covered to protect from rain showers. 

and we can now accept tables of up to 30 people outside, limited to six inside.


Although almost all of our seating outside is pub bench style, we can add extra stools to the ends of tables if you would feel happier being more spaced out from one another, please add a note when booking as these are limited.


The wearing of masks is only mandatory whilst inside the pub, but not in the garden. 

If you are walking through the pub to be seated or on your way to the garden or the toilet please put your mask on.

We are currently only able to offer table service so please do not approach the bar for drinks. Sit back, relax, we will come to you!

If you are interested in booking one of our cabins for a

more private dining experience,

please use this enquiry form