Opening Hours 

FROM 12th April

Bar Opening

Monday to Weds 5-11pm  (kitchen 5-10pm) 

Thurs 4-11pm (kitchen 5-10pm)

Friday 12-11pm (Kitchen 12-3/5-10pm)

Saturday 12pm-11pm (kitchen 12-10pm)

Sunday 12-10pm (kitchen 12-8pm)

Between the 12th April and 17th May

Until further restrictions are lifted, we can only accommodate you outside,

however our tables are covered from light showers. 

In the event of storms or high winds we may not be able to open our outdoor area and therefore be forced to close the pub

Opening Hours from 17th May

Monday 4-11pm 

(kitchen 5-10pm)

Tues  to Thurs 12-11pm

(kitchen 12-2/5-10pm)

Friday 12pm - 12am

(kitchen 12-3/5-10pm)

Saturday  12pm - 12am

(kitchen 12--10pm

Sunday 12-11pm

(kitchen 12-9pm)