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Booking Policy

We will be open for inside dining from the 17th May onwards, we can then allow groups of up to 30 in our garden.

We will not accept walk ups of over 6pp.

If you would like to book a larger table please email us in advance with your request.

From the 17th May tables will be restricted to up to 6 people inside until restrictions are eased on 21st June.

By making a reservation with us you agree to the following terms and conditions

1.Reservations are in two hour slots at busier times. 

If you would like a table for longer please add a request when booking

2.We reserve the right to refuse entry regardless of whether your reservation was accepted online.

3.All female or all male reservations of 6 must let us know in advance.

You may be subject to a request for a deposit or further details of your party

4. Children under 14 are allowed on our premises up until 9pm.

Children under 18 are allowed until 11pm

5. If you do not follow the government guidelines on table number restrictions, the use of face masks and social distancing we may ask you to leave. 

6.Any abuse of our staff will not be tolerated under any circumstances

7. We have a zero tolerance for homophobic, transphobic, or racist behaviour.

You will be asked to leave immediately if the above is reported to us

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